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Established in 2020, Burger Beast has risen very quickly to become the best burger joint in town! Apart from the high value for money, what truly separates Burger Beast from the various burger joints is its strong and unique flavors, chef-driven concept, and quality-focused artisan recipes.


Coupled with the convenience of ordering and 24/7 availability, Burger Beast has risen to become one of the rising stars in the burger industry, taking on other global giants.

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Chef Carlo Miguel, our Culinary Director and award-winning chef behind Manila’s premier restaurants, embarked on a heroic adventure to champion everyone’s iconic sandwich: the burger.


Burger Beast was created by CloudEats and Chef Carlo to fill a gap in the market where outstanding, next-level burgers should be convenient, accessible and wallet-friendly to everyone.


Burger Beast specializes in large, juicy burgers that are accompanied by bold, artisan flavors. The to-die-for Umami Burger which contains sweet and slowly caramelized onions, delightfully sharp yellow cheddar, and an extremely flavorful secret umami sauce concocted by Chef Carlo himself, is the brand’s hero dish and best seller. It is best enjoyed with perfectly crispy onion rings with homemade “beast ketchup,” a customer favorite, to amp up that burger action!

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